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Mississauga Car Insurance Terms and Conditions

The use of is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. will be referred to in the document as the website and the user of the website will be referred to as the user.

The website is for informational services only and does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase car insurance. Any of the information about car insurance is not to be considered fact, and any interpretation of car insurance must be discussed with a broker or your insurance company directly.

The website is not a broker and does not directly sell auto insurance. The website will attempt to connect you with a licensed broker and is not responsible if unable to connect you with a broker.

The website is only to be used by persons legitimately seeking information about car insurance for their own personal use—and its contact form, toll free number, or information contained on the site may not be used by a competing individual or company. is not responsible for any results of any purchase of car insurance, as the purchase of car insurance remains a business transaction between the insurance company and the user of the website. The website's sole participation in the transaction remains in providing information to brokers about interested clients.

By calling the toll free number or submitting your information on the website, you authorize the website and affiliated companies to contact you about car insurance. The website will attempt to forward your information to a broker or agent but it is the responsibility of the user to verify the legal status of said broker before completing a financial transaction. If you no longer wish to be contacted about car insurance you must submit notification to to be removed from our database.